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Ras Al Akhdar

Ras Al Akhdar is the area at the north~western Dhabi island. it is dominated by the Emirates (p.22i), reputedly the most expensive hotel ever is dehnitely not somewhere for the budget traveller as it has been designed to epitomise luxury. The classical is complemented by state-of-the·art technology hotel houses a number of the capita|'s top restaurants . The area's other attractions include the. Abu Dhabi Ladies Club which houses the luxurious Le Spa this members club for ladies only has excellent leisure facilities — non—members are welcome to attend exercise classes and the spa.You*ll also Find privacy and excellent facilities on the Ladies' Beach, making this the ideal leisure spot for women in the capital.

As well as the beach, it has a cafeteria and a pool. There are also Several open beaches the area, which are quite during the week but get very busy at weekends

The Breakwater is an area of reclaimed Iand connected by a causeway to the corniche. The beach front walways are an extension of the corniche development, and Offer some Spectacular views of the city. Marina Mall is the capitals's largest mall, and is packed with a host of international branclsa multi-screen cinema and many other leisure facilities. Phase two is the destination of choice for the city's label-conscious . fashionistas. Phase three has recently opened and the complex has a 100m viewing tower and SnowWorId,an indoor snow and ice fantasy land where you cn go ice-skating or skiing: even when it’s sizzling outside. it’s a wonderful spot to escape the intense summer heat and practice your turns The ABu Dhabi International Marine Sports club hosts numerous international and local power boating events The cal water between the corniche, Breakwater and

Lulu Island

Lulu lsland are perfect for smaller powerboats. The club has a marina, workshops and a showroom stocking marine sports and fishing accessories. The fascinating Heritage Village overlooks the corniche it is run by the Emirates Heritage Club and gives an interesting insight into the way that life used to be..The displays in this attractive open air museum set out to illustrate traditional aspects of Bedouin life, including a campfire with coffee pots,a goat·hair tent,a well and an ancient irrigation system (fa|aj). You can test the effectiveness of the earliest form of air conditioning by standing under the windtower in the traditional houses made of barasti (dried palm leaves). There are loads of great photo opportunities, such as the chance to get up close and personal with an Arabian horse or a camel. Workshops on traditional skills such as metal work, pottery and weaving are given by local craftsmen who are happy to share their skills — they are friendly and informative and may even let you have a go yourself. You can pick up local craft items in the shop,and the spice shop is stocked full of dried herbs, handmade soap,and exotic spices (you can buy saffron, the worlds most expensive spice, at excellent prices). Once you've wandered around outside, head into the air- conditioned museum which houses a collection of artefacts including coffee pots, diving tools, Holy Qurans, jewellery, wegaons and garments. After visiting the village, sample some typical Arabic cusine and beach side restaurant. It has a great view of the corniche and it is close to a pleasant kids play area.

How to Explore Heritage Village

If you only have an hour Head straight for the opulence of Emirates Palace, where you can experience unimaginable levels of |uxury.Treat yourself to traditional afternoon tea in Le Café.

If you have Half day The Heritage Village is the closest you'll get to traveling back in time with its displays of Bedouin life. Then catapult yourself back into the future with a whirlwind visit to the nearby Marina Mall, which has over 250 shops and a 110m high viewing tower — the ultimate photo opportunity.

If you have a full day to explore Wander around the Heritage Village at leisure and observe local men and women sharing their skills in traditional crafts. Enjoy a lunch break in one of the many food outlets inside the Marina Mall, followed by a shopping spree in the multitude of retail outlets stocking the world's most luxurious brands. You’ll soon be able to chill out in Snow World or head for the top of the 100m viewing tower for a dramatic sunset view. For dinner, stay local and enjoy some authentic Arabic cuisine at one of the restaurants overlooking the corniche.

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