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Abu Dhabi Conrniche

ln the west of the city, the corniche begins at the end of causeway to the Breakwater. The Hilton Abu Dhabi (p _ stands on the land side while the Hiltonia Beach Club pride of place on the sea side. The Hilton is One ofthe C` older hotels but is still one of its most luxurious.The bars restaurants that it houses are always busy so if you are to head here for an evening out it’s best to book ahead. Hiltonia Beach Club was remodelled during the redevelop of the corniche and is one of Abu Dhabi's most popular • clubs, especially at the weekends. This was one of the stretches of the comiche to be completed and its parks green areas are popular for picnics and get-togethers. 0.;; Al Bateen is home to A the InterContinental Abu Dhabi, one of the city's vvell—established luxury hotel. which was completely renovated and refurbished in 2006. Further along the coast is Bateen Jetty ( There are a number

of marine supply stores around it) and the Bateen Dhow yard A visit to the dhow yard is essential, not just to absorb yard. A visit tosmells Of freshly cut African and Indian teak the evocativivatch craftsmen build magnificent dhows and bu? also ggsels using age-old techniques. These wooden viaiggs c/an still be seen during dhow races Off the corniche O, plymg the trade routes around the Gulf and across the lndian Ocean. This is a sought-after residential area in Abu Dhabi, with a mix of low—rise apartment blocks and villas, along with great parks and a number of coffee shops. The Khalidiya Public Garden, which was recently revamped, and the Khalidiya Children’s Garden (ladies and children only), are both popular for evening visits and weekend picnics. Two of the city's largest supermarkets, Spinneys and Albela are also in this area of the town. They stock a lot of imported items so if there’s something that you are missing from home, make them your first port of call.

Al Bateen Dhow Yard

The skilled caaftsmen in this fascinating boat yard use traditional techniques to construct the dhows which are still used for racing and trade through out the Gulf and India ocean. Visit in early evening and not only will you abble to get some wonderful [hotos of sun setting behind hill but you may also be able to talk to the craftsmen

Cornicher East & Central

The redevelopment of Abu Dhabi's iconic corniche involved the reclaiming of a large strip of. land and the creation of a number of new parks and attractions.The high-rise buildings which overlook it were once only separated from the Sea by a six-lane road, but now a lush strip of greenery sits on the other side. An evening stroll along the corniche should be part of every visit to the capital - this is where many residents come to meet, have picnics and relax, espacially in the evenings and at weekends. This area is generally seen as the city or main business district. Among the high-rises is the oldest building in the capital, the ’Qasr Al HOW (the Old Fort, also known as the White Fort or Fort Palace) which dates back to 1793. It was official resldence. Of rulers of Abu Dhabi for many years

sits the Cultural Foundation, home to the National Library and the institution of Culture and Art. Each year it holds a number of art exhibitions, classical music recitals and film screening Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Street (known as Hamdan Street) is a haven for avid shoppers,with local and international stores sharing the limelight with a number of independent restaurants and entertainment venues. At the end of Hamdan Street is the Marks & Spencer mall (Fotouh AI Khair Centre, ), which houses a nummber of international stores and a great cafe. Further up Hamdan Street is the site of the old cnetral souk

The area is currently under redevelopment but there ls a small area of the souk that remains, just off Khalifa bin Zayed Street. Gold is an excellent purchase while you are in this region, and you’ll find plenty of it in one of many jewellery shops lining the street before the Liwa Centre , so much gold is packed into the windos of these shops that at nightiri the yellow glow spills out onto the pavements The Hamden Centre is Something of an institution amd Should be a stop on every


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