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Middle East is a land yet to be explored by many. The articles presented here will give you some of the most important aspects about life, business, culture and history of Dubai in particular and Middle East in general.

A Remarkable Turnaround

An Article about the new Economic ventures in Dubai and Dubai's government's resolve to the recent crisis in the Emirates. Read more

Wild Life of Arabia

A detailed look at the wild life of United Arab Emirates Read more

Increasing Tourism Profits from Cosmetic Surgery

Article about how cosmetic surgery has started increasing business in Dubai.

Scuba Diving in Dubai:

A detailed look at the Scuba diving in Dubai

Benjamin Franklin once wrote: ?Beauty, like supreme dominion, is but supported by opinion.? Granted, people do have varying opinions about what is beautiful and what is not. In most western countries like the United States and parts of Europe, a well-toned and firm body with big breasts and a small butt is considered beautiful, while many countries in Latin and South America find shapely, round buttocks very attractive -- so much, in fact, that they often seek buttock augmentation surgery to enhance their rear if it is smaller than they would like.Read More

Sheikh Zayed A leader to remember for centuries.

A complete research on the life of his Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Al Nahyan

Relaxing on your sofa and bird watching : New ways for watching birds from the comfort of your sofa, use the modern technology to see birds' lives online.

Airborne Allergens Gardening With Children :- An interesting article for pollen allergies in children specially important to read and study with indepth links to all major allergic plants and their effects on kids.


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