Airborne Allergens & Gardening with Children

Airborne allergens and gardening do not often go hand in hand. Children that suffer from allergies, however, do not have to miss out on enjoying nature through botany, gardening, or other outdoor activities. There are ways to manage allergies, including medication, protective clothing, and breathing masks. These methods may not be effective for all or severe allergies, so parents of small children should consult their child's pediatrician about the best and most effective ways to manage airborne allergies in outdoor settings.

Airborne allergens are particles in the air that commonly cause allergic reactions in individuals. Some of the most common types of airborne allergens include animal dander, mold, dust, a variety of chemicals, and pollen from plants and flowers . A person that suffers from airborne allergens can have any of the many signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction. Frequent allergic reaction symptoms consist of sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and throat, watery or swollen eyes, rashes on the skin, and dark circles under the eyes. These types of allergic reactions can be managed in multiple ways. To determine the best treatment for a specific case, consult a physician.

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  • Celebrating Special Children- This organization offers resources on specific conditions to help the general public as well as families understand the needs of children with special conditions and allergies.

Horticulture is a necessary field of work, and deals with the art and practice of garden management. Horticulturists specialize in designing pubic gardens and landscapes, and they use scientific methods to organize the best breeds of plants and flowers in an artistic way. Children can begin to develop skills in horticulture by simply planting an herb, flower , or vegetable garden. Tending to a garden teaches children important concepts, such as respect for nature, science, and the arts.

Those that suffer from or have children with allergies do not have to be discouraged by airborne allergens. Many times children with allergies are able to lead productive and healthy lives by avoiding specific conditions or through the use of medications. Through the use of allergy management aids, those that suffer from allergies are also often able to work in fields including floral design services as adults. To truly instill a love and appreciation for horticulture , gardening, and floral management, children should be taught about their basic practices and benefits from a young age.


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