Increasing Tourism Profits from Cosmetic Surgery

Benjamin Franklin once wrote: "Beauty, like supreme dominion, is but supported by opinion." Granted, people do have varying opinions about what is beautiful and what is not. In most western countries like the United States and parts of Europe, a well-toned and firm body with big breasts and a small butt is considered beautiful, while many countries in Latin and South America find shapely, round buttocks very attractive -- so much, in fact, that they often seek buttock augmentation surgery to enhance their rear if it is smaller than they would like.

This brings up two very important topics: beauty and medical tourism. In the United States, a woman who wishes to have large buttocks must either wear padded panties or undergo a procedure called gluteoplasty, which is performed by taking the person?s own body fat and using it to reshape and resize the overall buttocks area. Silicone implants, which are often used in breast implants, are not FDA-approved in the United States; therefore, both women and men would need to visit countries like Brazil, Peru or Argentina to have the surgery performed.

Because foreigners already flock to these exotic locations as a relaxing getaway, the country profits from the annual influx of tourists. By providing healthcare services that are otherwise too expensive or nonexistent in the tourist's homeland, places like Brazil can profit even more. Other countries in South America are also promoting their competent physicians and facilities as part of their tourism package.

"Come and enjoy the tropical sand on Brazil's pristine beaches. While you're at it, visit the local surgeon and receive half-off all buttock lifts."

That may not be in the brochure, but it does raise an interesting point: Even with qualified physicians and top-notch facilities, how do these countries profit from tourists The answer is simple: inexpensive medical care. As an example, Brazil's answer to the global recession is to offer lower tax rates and tax deductions for its entire cosmetic surgery industry.

That is what drives the medical tourism in the country of Brazil, and it offers people from western countries a cheaper but professional economical alternative. A specialist surgical hospital helps a country to grow, and more countries in South America see this as a potential to increase profits from tourism.

Many other countries have joined in the game. Now Sri Lanka has started promoting its Ayurvedic resorts and medical tourism in Sri Lanka.

Article Contributed by Hetty of Plastic Surgery Guide


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