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Eid Ul Fitr

When the Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan the 1st day of Shawwal the next month after Ramadan marks the end of the holy fasting and is celebrated as a thanks giving and a day to rejoice and be happy, it is called the Eid Day (Happiness day). Muslim families put on new clothes and pray a special Eid prayer on this day. Muslims are also bound to give a fixed amount to the poor before this prayer which is called Fitur hence this Eid is called Eid Ul Fitur.

In Dubai this day starts with the Early morning Eid prayer which is performed nearly all men in the society so the mosques are full and you can witness ques of people outside the mosques performing their prayer.

At home people cook traditional dishes and invite friends and family for lunch & dinners. In hotels there are usually special offers of traditional foods and the shops in the streets also coock special dishes for the Eid.


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