Relaxing at Home & Bird Watching

Bird watching is the sort of hobby where no special equipment is needed to start. It can be done in a nearby park or from the comfort of the home couch or backyard. All that is required for bird watching is basic knowledge of different types of birds. With the Internet, gaining this knowledge can be as easy as browsing through articles on a smart phone or computer or finding a guide to bird species at a local library. The links listed below provide all the information new and experienced bird watchers will need to better enjoy this relaxing form of wildlife observation.

Audubon & Bird Watching

Interesting Sites for Bird-Watching on Home Sofas

If bird ringing (that is, identifying ringed birds) is a hobby enjoyed from the home living room, these websites will help provide all the information necessary for more accurate identifications. There are also links to bird conservation groups and at-home DIYs.

Audubon Society Links of Interest

From birding at a window to local meet-up groups, this page has a resource for almost everything related to bird watching. There are even a few sites designed to introduce birding to kids and young adults.

Oregon Birding on Sectionals

Oregon boasts a gorgeous variety of wildlife and this webpage includes guides to some of the most popular birding locations in the state. If lounging on a sectional is a preferred alternative, there are guides for beginning birdwatchers that require little to no travel.

Forsyth Birding Resources

Birding expands farther than just bird watching. From caring for injured birds to keeping up on conservation issues, there can be a lot to learn. The Forsyth Audubon chapter has some great resources that cover everything new bird watchers should know.

Iowa Birding: Why Leave Your Sectionals?

Birds are wonderful, but you'll probably see a variety of other creatures outside the window. The Iowa Ornithologist's Union has a wonderful collection of links with information on local birds as well as other state flora and fauna.

So Near, Sofas: Local and Regional Bird Resources

Whether it's a beginner's guide or directions to a local Audubon chapter, this page has a variety of resources to get you started. There's even a species guide to help new birders jump right in.

Canadian Geese and Animal Rescue

Want to help support animal and bird rescue? This page is mostly dedicated to links and facts about Canadian Geese, but they have sections on animal protection and rescue as well.

Bill's Wildlife Sites

This website has an alphabetically organized list of resources for birders. Whether it's the American Birding Association or, you'll find a direct link for it here.

Birding from Lincoln County Sectionals

This page contains a lot of great local birding information for Lincoln County, Oregon, but that's not all. It also has general birding tips and great advice for making your home more bird-friendly.

Reporting from Sofas: Marked Birds

Sometimes, birds will have special collars or wing tags that have been placed to monitor their movement. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has information on how to report a marked bird or a federal bird band.

Starlings and Sectionals: Birding from Home

Birding isn't necessarily just looking out the window. There are special techniques that can increase the chances of spotting a rare species. From Project Beak to developing observation skills, this page provides a great introduction to the world of birding.

Bird Links, Books, and Magazines

Bird watching doesn't have to be a solitary activity. There are plenty of chat and news groups where avid birders chat about their latest discoveries. This page has several resources for connecting with fellow birders, as well as links to online bird guides, recommended books, and general information sites.

Birding Resources

Interactive Sectionals: Birding Around the World

Whether you're on a sofa in Sweden or a couch in California, there will always be new birds to see. This webpage has information on birds from around the world as well as a phenomenal list of worldwide birding organizations, information, and links of interest.

Birding and Ecological Sites

Dedicated birders will want to know everything there is to know about birds, and this website can certainly help. There are over 900 different birding links and resources collected on this page, organized by world region.

Birding in Taiwan

Birders on vacation may still want to practice bird watching overseas. In that case, this site has some great tips for bird watching in Taiwan.

Patrolling on Sofas: Birding Links

Whether it's protocol for reporting marked birds or understanding migratory patterns, Lee County has a great resource page. For those who may not live in Lee County, there are links that address the wider bird variety of Florida and North America.

Field Naturalist Resources

British Columbia is home to a beautifully diverse population of birds. Learn more about them and other North American birds with these resources from Chilliwack Field Naturalists.

Sectionals and Birding: Resources for Home Watching

Birds, butterflies, and dragonflies can all easily be seen from home. This comprehensive list of links includes information on all of them, as well as instructions on how to better identify and track birds.

Atlanta Audubon Society: Reading on Sofas

If spending all day on the internet sounds less than appealing, why not pay a visit to the local library? The Atlanta Audubon Society has a list of books on birding to get you started.

Birding and Environmental Resources

This resource list is divided both by letter and by topic, and includes a little bit of everything for the birder and naturalist alike. There's even a link to a birding humor website!

Birding with Wilf: Surfing on Sectionals

This hand-picked list of birding resources means that birders can comfortably browse topics from Florida birds to the world of Ontario birding. New birders will find a section that will provide a good introduction to the hobby.

Misc. Home and Lifestyle Resources

Sofas or Sectionals: Furniture for Small Spaces

Not everyone can have the spacious home depicted on television. Furnishing a small apartment or home can be tricky, and this article has some great tips on how to get the most style and comfort within the space available.

An Open Floor Plan Challenge

If space is limited, rooms may have to serve more than one purpose. The Washington Post addresses some strategic ideas for open-floor living.

Just as Bad on Sofas: Awful Movies that Made a Killing

An intriguing story or great special effects is no guarantee of a movie's quality. Check out this list of films that managed to turn a profit despite poor reviews from both the theater seats and home couches.

Leather Sectionals and Furniture

Leather is durable, stylish, and easy to clean. If you're looking for a piece of furniture that will last, look no further than this page.

Sofas or Sectionals?: The Best for a Home Theater

Home theaters are a great way for the family to spend time together. This article addresses the different tech devices and furniture that will turn any room into the perfect family hangout.

Relaxed in London

Having kids means some fundamental changes in the home layout. In this article, a mother of two talks about some of the changes her family made to make their house safe and welcoming.

What's the Story of Mennonite Furniture?

Mennonite furniture has long been praised for its style, utility, and hardiness. But how did it develop in the first place? This online exhibit from the Kauffman Museum provides the history behind the tradition.

When Sectionals Fight Back: Treating Stains

Many a homeowner has experienced the dismay of a wine spill on a brand new sofa or sectional. This article from Illinois University explains how to treat these stains with common household materials.

A Decade of Design

As the average American lifestyle changes, so does the design of the furniture available. This exhibition from the Museum of Contemporary Craft showcases some of the most recent furniture designs.

No Sofas From Home: A Guide to College Furniture

College dormitories are typically small, so any furniture put in will need to be chosen carefully. Indiana University has a good article on what to consider before bringing any furniture from home.

College Furniture Chart

What kinds of furniture will already be in a college dorm room? Loyola University has a chart with pictures and measurements to help new students.

The Structure of Chairs and Sectionals: Woodworking

Handmade furniture, while less common today, is still a great way to save money and create a unique set of furnishings for a home. This page explains a bit about the woodworking process and how to learn more about it.

When Sofas are Too Wide: Furniture Standards

University dorms are not all alike. There can be a variety of different floor plans and room sizes, and when that happens, furniture standards like these are set in place to help students figure out what will work best.

Carolina Furniture: A History and a Legacy

North Carolina has a rich history of furniture production and it's still a booming industry today. This article goes over the history of North Carolina's furniture production and the new developments that keep this tradition strong.

Sectionals to Go: Buying and Renting Furniture

Living in a student dormitory or an apartment can be a temporary arrangement, and furnishing can easily become expensive. This page from the University of Pennsylvania lists several good options for those who wish to buy or rent their furniture at a more economical price.

The Furniture in Dr. Priestley's Study

Furniture doesn't just provide a background to daily life. It can inspire the arts, too! This poem by Anna Barbauld is an excellent example of the portrait furniture can create about its owner.

Sofas, Tables, and Chairs: Furniture Construction

Even the most experienced woodworker had to start somewhere. This page details the different levels of furniture construction and how the knowledge can develop over time.

Library Furniture

Take a look around the local library. The furniture there is different from those found in homes, but no less functional. This store offers a variety of furniture perfect for creating your own personal home library.

Furniture, Room Dimensions & Floor Plans

It can be difficult to visualize the layout of a room. This website has diagrams and floor plans of university dormitories to help new students get a better idea of the space they'll be living in.

How Much is That Sofa in the Window?: Furniture Purchases

When ordering for a school or business, managing the purchase of furniture can be an important task. James Madison University provides an overview of this process.

Furniture Fit for a King

The furniture in a French palace might look very different from the furniture in a modern home, but it served the same purpose. This cabinet was made around 1675, and the article that describes it is kid-friendly.

Even Sectionals Have Standards

To keep an office neat and uniform, many businesses and universities will have furniture standards for ordering. This list from Cleveland State University offers an idea of the perfect office look.

Clothing and Furniture Resources

Families and individuals who are down on their luck still need clothing and furniture. The University of Michigan-Dearborn has a resource list of centers and companies who can help.

High Street Sectionals: Parsons New York

Why not study furniture design in the city that never sleeps? This new school offers a variety of degrees and exposure to the cultural hub of America.

CORT Rental Furniture

Whether it's for a business, dorm room, or a celebration, renting furniture can be tremendously cheaper than buying it. Northwestern University offers this service and describes a few of the benefits.

Apartment Furniture Rental (PDF)

Before you rent furniture, it's wise to have an idea of what to expect. Take a look at this sample rental agreement to see what's involved with renting furniture.

Surplus Sectionals: Buying Cheap

Every so often, a university or business will replace their furniture. When this happens, sales like this one can be a great place to find furniture at wonderfully low prices.

Guidelines for the Purchase of Furniture

When a company contracts to have furniture provided exclusively by one provider, there are rules to follow. An example of these rules, provided by the University of California, can be found here.

Desks, Not Sofas: Classroom Furniture Guidelines

Classroom furniture is built to help facilitate learning. Find out what the standard classroom equipment is and how it's managed with this webpage.

Collaborative Sectionals: How Furniture Affects Business Attitudes

Office furniture has a much bigger task than just holding up computers. Different kinds of furniture can actually create a more competitive or collaborative environment.

How the Sofa Changed the World

Before the sofa, there was no padded seating. Take a look at how this simple piece of furniture changed the face of entertaining and home life.

Advanced Fine Furniture-Making

Woodworking is a part of human history. Learn more about this art and how it's done on this page from Burlington College.

Sofas, Shelves, and Loveseats: Marketplace Listings

When people no longer want furniture, they may offer it online for free or a reduced price. This online marketplace, catering to the University of Chicago, constantly updates with bargain furniture.

Furniture Care and Handling (PDF)

Furniture that is looked after will last longer. Find out how to make home furniture last with this printable guide.


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